SWIFT messages proofing for trade finance

  • Trade assistant
  • Instant and easy to use
  • Collaboration tool
  • SWIFT validation

You are in the middle of a trade deal trying to execute it fast and efficiently.

Whether you are a bank or a trade consultant or a merchant, you can now complete the financial process in a simple, fast and secure way.

Read below for a unique solution that simplifies International trade.

Your exclusively dedicated International Trade Finance Tool

A tool for collaboration of all trade financing players


Be a competitive bank improving your internal efficiency. Share messages with your corporate customers and other trade partners preventing costly mistakes and mitigating risk. aplontrade will help your bank compete with larger institutions building tighter relationships with your customers.


Shorten the LC and LG cycle, by working closer with your bank. Follow every step of the issuing process for better control and lower cost. Your communication with banks and counter parties using MT799 and MT798 will be more meaningful and efficient than ever.

Trade consultants

Provide a fast and reliable service to your customers and related banks. Use the revolutionary technology of aplontrade to ease your daily work and accelerate growth. Build valid and quick SWIFT MT700 messages without any expensive connectivity. Collaborate with your partners real time as never before.

Unique solution to simplify International Trade

validate SWIFT MT700 using aplontrade.com
image above shows an aplontrade screen-shot of MT700 SWIFT message validation. aplontrade suggests the right values per field.
aplontrade will help you build all SWIFT MT trade messages. Documentary credit (MT700, MT701, MT707, MT710,MT711). Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit (MT760, MT767). Free Format messages (MT798, MT799, MT998, MT999). Then send them to SWIFT Alliance for transmission.
Messages are fully validated against SWIFT rules. aplontrade will tell you exactly where and what is wrong with your Trade messages and even help you with the right values. This way you save money and time before you transfer them to SWIFT Alliance for transmission.
No more lost in the paper maze. See your message history, track your productivity and reuse previous SWIFT messages. Save valuable time and become more efficient and competitive.
Export your Letters of Credit and other trade messages in PDF or txt format. Email your SWIFT messages to your partners for quick communications. You can even share the SWIFT MT messages with your core banking or SWIFT Alliance system saving typing and avoiding errors.
Your messages are saved in a secure environment, available only to you from anywhere you are. Carry your business with you anywhere you go, and access your documents from any device safely.

All you ever needed for your Trade finance operations

  • Build and validate your SWIFT messages against the latest SWIFT rules

  • There is help and suggested values for every field of SWIFT trade message

  • There are prompt values where applicable so you never go wrong

  • Trade messages are validated instantly and you know exactly what values to type in

  • All SWIFT MT7xx trade messages are supported and many more

  • Organize your messages by deal or by partner or by time

  • Export and import SWIFT messages to different formats

Choose the right licensing model for your company

either Cloud Service

For those that need an easy on-line service without the software hassle.

Get started immediately using our secure cloud service. It is as easy as opening an email account. No software installations, no hardware requirements, no upfront investment or support team. Once you register, you can start writing those MT799, MT760 and MT700 immediately.

aplontrade as a service is the easiest way to enjoy its benefits.

or Installed application

For larger institutions or banks that need the extra control and integration with their back-office systems.

aplontrade is an extremely lightweight software solution that needs a few hours to get installed to your environment. Our software consultants will help you integrate it to your back-office and Swift Alliance systems for better automation.

aplontrade as an application will provide the STP with your core-banking systems that is suitable for larger volumes.


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aplontrade is an innovative service from www.paymentcomponents.com . The goal has been to build a tool that will make International Trade as easy as filling the blanks. Our team of software engineers and business experts provide a tool to assist all the participants of the trade cycle. Banks, Importers, Exporters and Trade Consultants.

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